A Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) programme is a pre-requisite for AEE Certification renewal and promotes quality through continuing education to assure a high level of competence within the constantly changing energy industry. Therefore AEE Certified Professionals are required to re-register every 3 years.

Each certified professional is required to obtain Continuing Education Units (CEU) or Professional Development Hours (PDH) each renewal period. A total of 10 renewal credits are required. AEE does not maintain a record of your continuing education in the interim. You must maintain record of continuing education and complete a recertification form at the time of your renewal. You will reach your recertification date on the fourth January 1st following the date of certification. Professional credits for recertification should be accumulated during the three-year renewal period for each renewal cycle. The seminar taken to acquire your certification does not apply towards your renewal credits.

Credits can be attained by continuous employment in the energy industry, memberships of relevant associations and societies, holding office in any of these societies, attending energy related seminars with ECSA awarded CPD credits or university post-graduate courses, receiving professional awards, and presenting papers at relevant conferences.