When you register for the AEE Certification examination with the Energy Training Foundation (EnTF) you will receive a link to complete your Certification application. This page serves to provide a guideline of what you could expect only.

The Certification application requires the following:

  1. If you are employed, one letter of employment verification from your company.
  2. If you are self-employed, three different client verification letters.
  3. Your CV as well as copies of your qualifications certificates.
  4. Besides your personal information the form requests:
    1. A list of your highest qualifications with details and scanned copy of qualifications
    2. Your experience record.

Scoring by the review board

There are three aspects that count to Certification:

  • Your pass-mark (out of 100%): without a 70%+ pass-mark you do not proceed to the next steps.
  • Your qualifications (350 points): the higher the qualification, the closer your points come to the maximum of 350.
  • Your experience (350 points): the number of years of experience and the comprehensiveness of the experience counts towards the maximum points.

Pointers to completing the experience record division
Note: these pointers are indicative of the type of things that could be listed and information should not be limited to this list provided.

  • Ensure that your experience record reflects related experience to the Certification you are applying for
  • The knowledge you have gained through working in the energy industry, and the difference the actions you have taken has made to energy consumption must be clearly stated and quantified
  • List all projects you have worked on throughout your career
  • Include details like the magnitude of energy consumption, the processes followed and initiative implemented to institute energy savings
  • Provide statistics for each project on what energy savings were achieved
  • Indicate the time-frame of a project to demonstrate the years of experience
  • Indicate your dates of employment (ie from xx date to xx date per employer)
  • Make sure to list a variety of experience that reflects your capabilities in the fields which you have achieved, in other words, don’t limit your list to a few projects of the same