1. Book to attend the chosen training course for the chosen AEE Certification.
  2. Register for an examination date that should take place within 3 years after the course is taken.
  3. When registering for the International AEE Certification examination, you will receive a link to Apply for the Certification in the course and examination you have registered for – NOTE your application much reach the Certification Administrator prior to sitting for the examination.
  4. Attend at least 85% the chosen Certification training course with an AEE approved training partner.
  5. Write the International AEE examination and attain a 70%+ pass mark.
  6. The AEE Africa Certification Board will review your application.
  7. Thereafter the AEE International Certification Board will review your application and the recommendation by the African Board.
  8. Your training provider will advise you of the AEE Board’s final decision.
  9. Should you receive feedback that you are have achieved IT (in-training) status you may re-apply for certification within 6 years for full Certification status with the AEE. This  provides ample time to gain more experience.