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What is covered by the course costs and what is excluded?

The fees include the course, textbooks, exam and application, coffee/tea/juice on arrival, mid-morning coffee/tea with pastries and mid-afternoon coffee/tea with biscuits and lunch. The fees exclude accommodation, breakfast, dinner and travel costs, and these arrangements and payments are the delegate’s own responsibility.

*Cancelation Policy: A fee of 25% will apply to any cancellations or date changes received within two weeks of the course commencement, the same applies to no-shows at the course.

May I rewrite the exam if I failed the first time, and how many times may I rewrite?

The examination may be rewritten on the last day of one of the scheduled courses during the year. These dates are available on the website. Up to 3 rewrites are allowed. However, should you still not be successful thereafter, the full training course must be attended again at the current fee.

May the first examination be written at a later stage, instead of the same week of the training course?

The examination may be written on the last day of one of the future scheduled courses, however, a venue cost fee will be charged.

What is the process to become certified and how long does it take?

Once you have passed the examination and submitted a fully completed application with all the required documentation it will be submitted to the South African Certification Board for review. Final review is done by the AEE board in the US.
At the time of submittal to the Board, you will be notified that a decision of your status will be forthcoming within 4 months. Annual Training Awards Ceremonies are held in November of each year where you will be presented with your certification should you be successful.

Will you earn CPD credits with these courses?

The CEM®, CMVP®, FEMT and EnMSI courses are all CPD accredited and you will receive your claim number on your attendance certificate on the last day of the course.

When should I renew my certification?

Certified professionals are required to obtain Continuing Education Units (CEU) or Professional Development Hours (PDH) for each renewal period of 3 years. A total of 10 renewal credits are required. The responsibility to maintain credits for renewal lies with each individual as AEE does not offer such a service. We recommend that you keep a record of your CEU’s and PDH’s for when you have to complete a recertification form at the time of your renewal. You will reach your recertification date on the 4th year of January 1st following the date of certification. Professional credits for recertification should be accumulated during the 3-year renewal period for each renewal cycle.

How will certification assist me in my career?

Certification is part of total quality management. When an individual becomes certified in a designated field, his or her professional achievement is recognised in the eyes of colleagues, government agencies, present and prospective employers, and clients.

  • Certification establishes a standard of professional competence which is recognised throughout the industry.
  • Certification fosters development of the individual’s capabilities through encouragement of long-term career goals.
  • Certification promotes quality through continuing education to assure a high level of competence within constantly changing fields.

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