The Energy Training Foundation

The Energy Training Foundation (EnTF) was launched in 2001 as a vision to broaden South and Southern Africa’s pool of knowledge in the energy efficiency sector through internationally recognised certification and turnkey energy training services. The Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) certification program held 2002 kicked off this initiative. Since then we have over 6,000 candidates representing over 1,700 companies from various industries like mines, consulting firms, ESCOs, Universities, OEMs, government departments, utilities, water and waste water, chemical, and every single industrial sector in the country from food and beverage, automotive, pulp and paper, and the list goes on. Training, examination, certification, and practical training sessions have been presented in all the major cities of South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Botswana. Trainees have attended training in South Africa from many countries including Syria, Nigeria, Malawi, Pakistan, Tanzania, Congo, Dubai, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Ghana, Rwanda, Transkei, Sudan, South Sudan, Mauritius, Uganda, Kenya, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, Brikena Faso, Lesotho, Swaziland, India and Botswana.

To facilitate the need of the South African industry to continuously contribute to energy efficiency, the Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP®) course was launched in 2006 to ensure accurate and verifiable reporting of savings to receive energy efficiency project grants and recognition. These professionals have gained invaluable experience and certification to accommodate one of the requirements for Department of Treasury energy efficiency tax incentives. Subsequently the Certified Energy Auditor (CEA®) course was initiated in 2009. CEA was followed by the Certified Renewable Energy Professional (REP®) in 2013. In 2017 due to the droughts experienced in parts of South Africa the Certified Water Efficiency Professional (CWEP) was launched.

In preparation for the looming carbon tax costs that will weigh heavily on the bottom lines of most intensive energy use companies, the Certified Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM) is launched in 2018. Also launching in 2018 is the Certified Business Energy Professional (BEP) to assist non-technical personnel in organisations to achieve International Certification as well, and also grasp a full understanding of the energy management industry – BEP is ideal for marketing, sales, legal, financial and business professionals who work in the greening and energy industries.

Our strength lies in our abilities to manage small to large projects. Customised energy training solutions with the end in mind for the client includes not only training from the basics in energy and energy management, but mentorship, human resources and stipend management, skills development through workplace placements in collaboration with our Energy Professionals, practical sessions combined with training, external mentorship support to candidates in our skills development programs, facilitating logistical arrangements – full turnkey energy skills development projects.

We are now part of the Faculty Training Institute (FTI) enhancing candidate access to further training in business niche markets, as well as being trained in top class training facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town.


  • Integrity and credibility are the pillars that our principles of work is based on
  • We focus on bringing international qualifications opportunities to individuals in the energy industry
  • We deliver customer centred turnkey energy training and skills development services and solutions
  • Internationally accredited and industry experienced trainers and mentors
  • Empowering the workforce to make a difference to the environment through energy conservation


Using our experience as internationally accredited trainers, examiners, assessors, certification processing and mentorship service providers we have the capacity and organisational skills to deliver turnkey energy training project requirements.