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Training – Examination – Certification of Energy Professionals

Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian Ocean Islands region

The Energy Training Foundation (EnTF) has been providing training, examination and certification service to energy professionals in the Sub Saharan Africa and Indian Ocean Islands region since 2002. This service is done under license of the international certification body the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). AEE has global presence in 100+ countries, with 18,000+ professionals holding 32,000+ certifications.

EnTF aims to provide credible, recognised and high quality accredited training presented by internationally acclaimed trainers through public, inhouse, mentorship, youth programs, supplementary and fundamentals training, with turnkey service delivery.

The EnTF is the longest-standing training house in Africa specialising in energy efficiency, renewable and alternative energy, energy management. EnTF is the energy division of Faculty Training Institute.

Visit the AEE Professionals Directory to verify active Certified Professional Status.

Our services

• Public energy training courses
• Locally accredited training to SAQA unit standards
• Internationally recognised and accredited training through the AEE’s Certification programs
• Certification and examination services
• Renewal and upgrade services for AEE Certification
• In-house training for groups on the standard training courses
• Custom-designed and developed training for client specific outcome requirements
• Mentorship programmes with learner placement and stipend management on behalf of clients
• Facilitation of ISO50001:2011 training and implementation towards company Certification
• Service provider to other relevant course providers
• Recognition of prior learning
• Managing Certification Boards in Africa
• AEE renewal credit validation of external service providers of courses, workshops and conferences

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Certified Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM)

This CRM® course is designed to provide internationally recognised comprehensive training in the critical areas of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, carbon reduction and associated reporting.

Certified Energy Auditor (CEA)

The Certified Energy Auditor (CEA™) programme raises the standards in energy auditing for professionals performing auditing services at industrial plants and buildings, and improves the practice of energy auditors through a continuing education programme.

Certified Energy Manager (CEM)

Comprehensive learning and problem solving training covering the technical, economic and regulatory aspects of effective energy management

Certified Renewable Energy Professional (REP)

Sustainable solutions in the renewable and alternative energy sector on the various forms of low-carbon energy sources, and environmental impacts of alternative energy.

Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP)

Measure and verify energy savings in compliance with international and local standards, legislation and regulations.

Fundamentals of Energy Management Training (FEMT)

The Fundamentals of Energy Management Training (FEMT) provides the basics to be able to understand holistic energy management that encompasses electrical, mechanical and thermal system.

Certified Water Efficiency Professional (CWEP)

The Certified Water Efficiency Professional (CWEP) program is an international qualification for professionals. It is specifically designed for improving water efficiency and management.

The Basics Principles of Energy

The Basics Principles of Energy (BPE) is an introductory module to more advanced training in energy and covers energy in its various forms, energy units, principles of electricity, thermal energy principles and heat transfer.

Certified Business Energy Professional(CBEP)

AEE’s Certified Business Energy Professional (BEP) program awards special recognition to those business, accounting, marketing and energy professionals who have demonstrated a high level of competence in their field of energy practice.


  • Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) sole training provider for the Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian Ocean Islands region
  • ECSA CPD credits for courses and examinations
  • SAIEE preferred service provider
  • EWSETA accredited training provider and presents energy training modules aligned to SAQA unit standards with the accompanying practical work required for the Portfolio of Evidence submission
  • NCPC-SA licensed to provide UNIDO End User and Expert Level Programs
  • EVO accredited sole training provider for CMVP for the Southern African region


  • “FEMT gave me lots of theoretical knowledge concerning issues related to electricity.”

    Gideon Nasima, Electricity Control Board
  • “FEMT taught me how to check if old designs meet new criteria to save energy.”

    Dieter Page, SJM Flex SA
  • “After FEMT I am better able to understand the situations our clients find themselves in and to address problem areas.”

    Donovan Botha, AEnS
  • “CMVP training gave me the ability to participate in M&V projects and the knowledge learnt will be used to influence the curriculum.”

    Deon Kallis, CPUT
  • “CEM gave me a clearer understanding on where to start, where to go and how to go about getting there.”

    Mariana Padayachee, Ford Motor Company